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Zooey Deschanel Daily
01|11|11 - 11:49 - #009
Misc: Tea/Coffee

Preview of Zooey's upcoming Lucky Mag feature, from Zooey's Twitter page.
10|27|09 - 11:28 - #006
Zooey: Headband

From Zooey's Twitter page.

09|22|09 - 15:21 - #001
Zooey: Headband
To all members of zooey_daily ,

I realise I have neglected this community lately, but I am now taking steps to bring it back up to date.
I have started with making a change to the rules and purpose of the community and I have set up the community as a traditional daily image source for Zooey Deschanel.
This means members can no longer make posts to the community and from now on all posts will contain an image of Zooey and I will try my best to update daily.

In the future I will be creating a submissions template so that members can post their favourite images of Zooey to the community. These entries will be submitted to the post queue for moderation and, if approved, will then be posted as the image of the day. This will give everyone the opportunity to take part.

And here is today's image of the day XD

08|16|09 - 17:45(no subject)
82 New Icons

+ more HERE at assezbelle 
+ public for 3 days..

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